Course Curriculum

    1. Understanding Perfectionism

    2. Your Root Cause

    3. Bonus Task: Letter to Yourself

    1. Identifying Your Triggers

    2. 5 Steps to Change

    3. 4 Doors to Analysing Change Task

    1. Managing Triggers

    2. Confident Discovery

    1. Group Call Recording - 07.07.2022

    2. Call Recording - 04 August 2022

    1. My 4-Step Method to Start Overcoming Perfectionism

    2. Chakra Energy Clearing Exercise

About this course

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  • 2.5 hours of video content

What students are saying...

“From the first module all the things you mention were so spot on! I am going through these things right now and seeing myself struggling at home and at work because of control and perfectionism"”


“I am really enjoying the it got deep yesterday when I was doing the child stuff"”


“All of the points you mentioned are exactly me! I never fully realised that I wasn't alone with these traits and always assumed it was just me. So good!”


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